The XQ forty-nine deck is a celebration of cardistry and its creativity. Countless different colour variations are possible with this deck, which will make your cardistry flourishes look fresh and unique everytime. Beautiful fans, stunning spreads and all kind of flourishes, packet cuts, cardistry moves come to life with vibrant display with the XQ forty-nine deck, which will change your perception on cardistry. The deck is created by award-winning Digital-Artist Thorsten Schmitt and produced in collaboration with Magic Encarta. 1 DECK. 7 DESIGNS. 49 CARDS.


The XQ forty-nine deck includes:


49 XQ forty-nine cardistry cards

2 Autostereogram-Cards

1 Phenakistoscope-Card

1 Artwork-Card

Printed in the USA by The United States Playing Card Company. Printed on Crushed Stock. Air Cushion Finish.

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